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Indigo Gabbro Sphere

Indigo Gabbro Sphere

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Indigo Gabbro - Mystic Merlinite



A recently discovered stone in Madagascar compromised of Quartz, feldspar, and several trace minerals. Energetically this stone is activating to all chakras and especially dynamic for developing psychic capacities, awakening dormant areas of the mind, and increasing one's sensitivity to various spiritual communication. 

Sleeping with this stone nearby can bring a powerful spiritual teaching, lucid dreaming, and help us to remember what we've dreamed.

Meditating with Mystic Merlinite helps us explore our subconscious, recover suppressed memories, soul retrieval, and bring our shadows into awareness without judgement or fear.

Combining other stones to assist in working with Mystic Merlinite can be helpful such as Black Tourmaline and Smoky quartz - these all are enhancing and protective stones to assist deeper in self-healing work.

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